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Welcome to the Math 3510 homepage! Copies of all the course homework assignments will be posted on this page. Please check this page and keep up with the homework when you have to miss class: you don't want to fall behind!

Here is a copy of the syllabus. If you think you can get by with this electronic version, then please save a tree and don't print it out!

Homework will be due on Wednesdays, to allow people to take advantage of the weekend, and of both office hours (Monday 11-12 and Monday 3-4) before turning in their assignments.

Homework Assignments:
Beware the first exam . In class on Monday, Feburary 24, it will cover Chapter 7 in its entirety. Please be prepared to compute integrals over 2 and 3-dimensional regions, in rectangular, cylindrical, and polar coordinates, and to change coordinates using the change of variables theorem to weird coordinate systems. Also, be ready to compute determinants, to solve matrix equations using Cramer's rule, and to find matrix inverses using the matrix of cofactors.
Study session for first exam! At my apartment: 585 White Circle, Apartment 35. Go south on Milledge until the "t" intersection with Whitehall road (and the Peppino's pizza) and make a left. After you cross the river, White Circle is on your right. There are two roads there, and a sign reading "Whitehall Mill Lofts". Take the leftmost (uphill) one to a small white building with a green roof (#35). Park along the road, and enter at ground level.

Sunday night, February 23. Food & coffee provided!
Note the change in office hours! They are now all on Monday-- 11-12 and 3-4. Unfortunately, I can't hold Wednesday office hours anymore.
More Homework Assignments:

Study session for second exam. Tuesday, April 8, 2003. 9-11pm.

The review session will be at my house (164 S. Homewood Drive). To get there, get on Prince street heading west from town (past the Grit, and then past Normaltown). Just after you cross the Loop, there is a traffic light, and a sign for the "Homewood Village Shopping Center", which contains a Winn-Dixie and a Vision Video among other things. Turn left at the light. This is Homewood Drive. Go about 3 or 4 blocks down Homewood. The house is on your right just after the big trees start: it's a long ranch house with a green metal roof and a messy yard, with the light on. The number is written (faintly) on the curb. You can park on the street.
If you reach a four-way junction after a slight downhill, you've gone too far.
If you really get lost, the phone number is 4280-722 (*reversed to protect it from web crawling phone-and-email harvesters*).

As usual, we'll have sandwiches and coffee for all. See you tonight! If you can't come, keep in mind that the usual rules apply for this exam. No calculators and one page of notes, please.
Homework, Due Wednesday, April 23. 9.1 1-4, 9.
Last homework assignment! Due April 30, 2003. 9.2 #1, 2, 3, and nine. 9.3 nine, 9.4 #1, 6.

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