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  • Tight knot video by Henry Segerman — very cool!

    I was thrilled yesterday to see this very cool video posted by Henry Segerman, showing some of the tight prime knot models that I did with Eric Rawdon, Michael Piatek, and Ted Ashton. Thank you, Henry! (I don’t actually have printouts of the models as nice as the ones in the video, since the shapes […]

  • Tightest knots on LabTalk

    The Journal of Physics runs an occasional series of articles explaining particularly interesting papers which appeared in various series of the Journal. I liked today’s post especially because it deals with problems that I’ve spent a lot of time on– the shape of the tightest overhand (or trefoil) knot, and the shape of the tight […]

  • Calculus and perpetual motion machines

    I’ve always been fascinated with perpetual motion machines, since I was a small child. I even built one when I was 6 or 7– the idea was that you’d have a magnet on the end of a rotating arm like the minute hand of a clock and you’d put a bunch of other magnets arranged […]

  • Cover of Experimental Mathematics

    Our paper Knot Tightening by Constrained Gradient Descent made the cover of Experimental Mathematics! This picture is the highly symmetric 818 knot which we arrived at with our software Ridgerunner.